Business Owners

The tax code invariably discriminates in favor of business owners.  And why shouldn’t it? Business owners assume risk to provide opportunity for others to make a living and ultimately grow the economy.  As a small business ourselves, we specialize in financial planning for business owners -- from sole proprietors to those that employ upwards of 500 people. Our clients are government contractors, physicians, dentists, IT business owners and more. We work closely with tax professionals to help our clients access the numerous advantages afforded to business owners.

We assist business owners  in cash flow management, tax-shelter/retirement plans, and exit/succession planning.  We help to assess when is the right time to sell your business based on your goals. We also assist business owners indirectly through partner referrals to financing sources, accounting and bookkeeping expertise, operational consulting, and business brokerage/M&A. 

Medical Professionals

While most physicians are focusing on patient health, we are focusing on their financial well-being. Nearly one in every three of our clients is a one or two physician household.  We specialize in serving physicians throughout their lives.

College, medical school, and residency oftentimes result in high student loan debt, and no time to focus on your long-term financial picture. Through planning, we help young physicians develop financial strategies to pay down debt and plan for a healthy and secure financial future. We take our young physician clients from being “high income” earners to being “high net worth” families.

For more seasoned physicians, we help you transition to a comfortable lifestyle in retirement, whether you wish to semi-retire, teach part-time, or stop working altogether. We focus on assessing cash flow needs during pre-retirement years in order to set your expectations for the duration of your eventual retirement. This can mean restructuring assets and liabilities to create desired cash flow. We also provide guidance on asset protection and legacy planning.    

Professional Athletes

We look at our clients who are professional athletes as business owners. Like small business owners, you come into money and new financial pressures quickly before having the necessary experience and trusted guidance to make the most out of your finances. Fast forward a few years, and without a long-term plan, all or most of that money has dwindled as your athletic career comes to a close.  

When working with athletes, we don’t just coach. We run the plays. We make sure that you know the game inside and out by explaining financial instruments, economics, markets, and products in basic terms so that you truly understand your options.  Simultaneously, we get to know you and what is important to you over the long-term. From there, we provide options and execute strategies to help you meet your end game. 

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