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Medical Professionals

While you are focusing on patient health, we are focusing on your financial well-being. Nearly one in every three of our clients is a one or two physician household.  We specialize in serving physicians throughout their lives.

College, medical school, and residency oftentimes result in high student loan debt, and no time to focus on your long-term financial picture. Through planning, we help young physicians develop financial strategies to pay down debt and plan for a healthy and secure financial future. We take our young physician clients from being “high income” earners to being “high net worth” families.

For more seasoned physicians, we help you transition to a comfortable lifestyle in retirement, whether you wish to semi-retire, teach part-time, or stop working altogether. We focus on assessing cash flow needs during pre-retirement years in order to set your expectations for the duration of your eventual retirement. This can mean restructuring assets and liabilities to create desired cash flow. We also provide guidance on asset protection and legacy planning.